A strong foundation in prestige homebuilding

The Court Group have a history that goes back more than 160 years, which is rooted in Warwickshire and encompasses Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire.

We have built our firm’s identity on an ethos of craftsmanship and a prestige product, and our aim is to build homes that deliver a higher degree of quality and attention to detail. We offer a better class of home than many new build developments of mass produced houses.

We develop properties to meet the needs of our customers, from bungalows to 5 bedroom detached homes, and cottages; set in some of the most sought after locations across the region.

Why are Court homes special?

Our homes are built by master tradespeople to standards that consistently exceed expectation. We reply on impeccable attention to detail and a focus on every inch being right, to make sure our developments stand out for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

Materials from local sources are used where appropriate to reflect the local built environment.

Each Court property is sited to make the most of its surroundings and with consideration for access to local amenities, and infrastructure.

Conversions and renovations

The skills and experience we use to create authentic, appealing new build properties we also bring to the art of conversion. From Victorian and Edwardian houses to barn conversions, we specialise in a sympathetic build that delivers on the benefits of modernity too.

We use materials and building methods that are true to the origins of the building, while cherishing those features that give a period property its sought after character.

Experience the Court standard of quality for yourself

Find out more about our current projects on this site, or call us for more information. The best way to get a feel for the quality of a Court development is to visit in person, so get in touch to arrange a viewing today.